Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

After the Old Boy which became quite popular Chan-wook Park comes back with the third and last part of his trilogy on vengeance. The story is about a young girl who helps an English-teacher to abduct a small boy. When the teacher kills the boy the girl is forced through extortion to confess a crime that she didn’t’ commit and stay in prison for thirteen years. During that time she deeply regrets her actions, she helps all her fellow prisoners and plans a scheme of great revenge.
Lady Vengeance is actually a dark Ameli. An ingenious young girl helps or punishes her fellow prisoners in a way that conveys a sense of humor. The editing can be a little chaotic especially in the first part of the movie where extensive flash-backs narrate the incidents that bonded her with her cellmates. The violence of the film is quite real and brutal and there are images that a West-culture viewer is rarely accustomed to. On the other hand these images have an aesthetic form that makes them in a strange way beautiful.
The whole film is about taking law into your own hands. In the beginning of the film the heroes is accused of a terrible crime and can be really antipathetic to the audience. In the end though the spectators have come to like this girl who has committed a abduction when she was too young to know better and a murder in prison which is considered justifiable because of the morally monstrous character of the victim. In the same way the film makes sure to have completely disgust the audience of the English- teacher. He is presented as a man who systematically abuses and rapes his wife, a serial killer of young children, a real sadist. When the parents of the dead children mutilate him, torture him and finally kill him the audience is 100% with them. But is extreme violence and brutality really justified even when it is used against a human-monster? A beautifully made film with a moral question.

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