Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I started this blog in order to be able to talk about one of my greates passions, cinema. I though it would only be a game, a place where friends can check my opinions on films and argue with me. Then I thought that this blog could actually have a practical use. Here, my students from IEK will be able to get my notes in History of Art any given time. Even though it would be much more comfortable to write in Greek, I ended up with the idea of creating a bi-lingual blog. Some texts will be written in Greek (for example the lessons for IEK, so that the people who really need them will have no difficulty in reading them) and others in English. You have to excuse if everything is not written in both languages. I am afraid that writing all posts both in Greek and English would be too time-consuming. Therefore, unfortunately English-speaking people will have a limited access to the texts of the blog. So let the show\ blog begin…

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